Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Greetings‏ from Kathy

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to all my MPE sisters!
It was wonderful seeing so many of you this summer and
I almost made it back for the Christmas party at Jane's this
year--but I'll miss it by a week. We'll be back in Atlanta
Dec. 12-16, and I'm sure more times in the future
to keep up with our grandbaby.
Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Season's greetings to Mu Rho Sigma Alums and Friends
--yes, it's that time again--December and time for our Holiday Luncheon. Jane Yelton is hosting again this year and has set Saturday, December 10th as the date. Gathering time is 10 AM. Jane says she will have coffee available, maybe tea is that's your choice.
Jane will prepare turkey, dressing and gravy and we will complete the menu with salads, veggies, desserts and bread. When you call Jane to let her know to expect you, you might mention what you plan to bring so that we will have a balanced menu. Jane's phone number is 770.427.0533; her email is Jane is the one who needs hear from you, so please follow through on that request.
The Yeltons live at 433 Westlake Drive, Marietta. The subdivision is off Burnt Hickory Rd., and is on the left but the sign is on the right, so watch for it. If you have a GPS, use that aid or go to Map-Quest. Since we have been there several times, you may remember where the location is and not need any help.
Jane has requested that we discontinue the gift exchange and direct our funds toward our scholarship. OR, just be more generous with our contributions to the Woman's Day Shelter, where the need is so great. If there is dissent, we will vote on this matter. The Shelter has been our philanthropy for many years now and our gifts are given in memory of our "angel" Anna Chambers, who was passionate about the shelter. Again, Anne Larcom will collect checks at the meeting or you can mail them to her at 244 Riverview Trail, Roswell, GA 30075. Please do this by Dec. 17, so that Anne can mail them to arrive at the Shelter before Christmas. Even if you can't attend our festive Holiday Luncheon, you are encouraged to take part in this gift.
Our business meeting will include planning for 2012; arriving by 10 AM will give us time to catch up on happenings, and have the business/planning meeting before lunch. Jane continues to be willing to make plans for meetings and wants to hear your ideas, though she is very clear that if you suggest a plan or destination, you are expected to attend! (Husbands and guests are always invited.)
Let's make merry at The Yelton's FESTIVE CHRISTMAS HOUSE. We send love to all.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kathy's Grandson

Here is a picture of Gabriel.
Sent today by Kathy.


Some details about the death of Caroline Wilson's grandson, Hollis (did not think to get the family name, but parents are Elizabeth and John.) Hollis died peacefully on the morning of October 24, 2011, at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX, where he had been in treatment for several weeks. MPE alums were especially saddened because we thought that he had experienced a miraculous healing and, indeed, it appeared that way for a brief period of time. But that healing was for the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma--and they still had to treat the secondary cancer, leukemia. This treatment was very difficult--triple chemo, five days, 3 on and 2 off. Then they performed a double stem cell transplant (his sister Aria was a perfect match). This left his immune system very low and he developed a strain of pneumonia, which the doctors could not identify or successfully treat. His kidneys began to fail; dialysis was begun but by then his whole system was slowing down and Hollis died.
October was Hollis' favorite month (according to his grandmother); and on October 3rd, Hollis celebrated his 31st birthday. Almost two years had passed since he was first diagnosed with N-H lymphoma, January, 2010. Hollis' remains were returned to the family home in Ft. Collins, CO., where a series of life-celebrations and visitations began. Halloween was his favorite holiday so the family thought it fitting to suggest that friends and relatives be encouraged to wear costumes relating to Halloween for visitations. The service, with full military honors (he had spent seven years in the US Marine Corps) was held on Nov.1; with burial in a cemetery in Ft. Collins, near where he had grown up. Hollis was a highly intelligent young man of many gifts--he played piano, composed music, was a singer and a recording artist. He will be missed because of his friendly and compassionate ways as well as a fantastic sense of humor. According to his grandmother, "He had lived life to the fullest." There will be one more visitation on November 11 when family and friends gather in Sylvania, GA to give thanks and to remember a remarkable young man. Our hearts go out to this grieving family. We have all heard and maybe spoken the axiom, 'offspring are not supposed to die before their parents (die)' and that includes grandparents as well. We send love and a reminder of deep friendship to our sister, Caroline.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update from Kathy White

Skip & I have now joined the ranks of doting grandparents!

Brandon & Ellen were surprised to welcome
Gabriel Joshua White this morning(November 1) at 4:15am.
He was about 4 weeks early but, other than being in shock,
all are doing well.He was 7lbs. 2oz. and 20" long,
so pretty well-done.

We'll travel to Athens when we can be of most help.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Caroline Wilson

Sadly, I report that Caroline Wilson's Grandson passed away. Details at a later date. Caroline, we love you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Update from Deirdre

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Richard. He is in Stage 4 of Prostate Cancer.

We have just come from his doctor today where he received the first of his injection treatments. He will receive Trelstar every three months and will continue the bicalutamide which he started two weeks ago. These are both hormonal treatments which are supposed to arrest the cancer that predominates the prostate and has spread into his lower spine and lungs. In 90% of the cases where this treatment is used, it is effective.

He will have a PSA test on December 20th, which should answer a lot of questions for us. This test will show if the PSA has decreased as a result of the hormonal treatments or not. If it has, that will be absolutely great. This is the result we are looking for. If it has not, it could indicate more spreading of the cancer. In no case is surgery indicated and chemo and radiation are NOT anticipated.

His life is continuing totally normally. Hasn't lost a beat in his activities. He is convinced, as am I, that God holds the reins to his life. His constitution is strong and his belief in God stronger!

So we continue the waiting game! So very much appreciate your continued prayers.

Ann Welton

Deirdre Russell

Financial Aid Assistant

Emory University

Update from Susan

Susan and David Bennett just returned from a three-week road trip in France. We started our adventure with another couple of good friends in Barcelona. We really enjoyed seeing the Gaudi Cathedral, Sacra Familia, and marvelling at its many different facets. On the nativity side it looks like a giant sand castle, and on the passion side it is sharply carved into strong angles. And it won't be finished within the next 100 years. From there we rode the overnight train to Paris. Those are some small bunks! but the formal dining car was wonderful. We did all the traditional things in Parit - Musee D'Orsay, Rodin Sculpture Garden, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and some non-traditional things. Our hotel on the Left Bank was a dream. Then we picked up our rental car and headed south. We explored the entire Mediterranean coast of France, from Monte Carlo to Perpignan before boarding a train back to Barcelona. Our flight was cancelled, so we enjoyed an extra day in Barcelona at the expense of Delta. A great way to just relax by the pool and rest before the flight home the next day. I think we'll stay home for a while now. Although it was the perfect trip, at our own pace and seeing exactly what we wanted to see, I think we won't go back until our French is a little better. For now, it's just the slow pace of Decatur with the occasional week in the mountains,
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas luncheon at Jane's.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Update from Anne

Anne Says, To update the BLOG, we'll start with happy news--the Yeltons, Jane and Don have a new granddaughter, Royce Elaine, born 9/8 (on Jane's birthday)! Everyone is doing fine including the grandparents. But proudest of all may be big sister Rachel who is three years old and loves chatting about being the big sister.
When we have an update on Caroline's grandson who was at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Huston, we will post that. He had begun a miraculous recovery from the secondary cancer--leukemia.
Some of us did find our way to Park Springs for Alice Young's party back in August--just don't ask Jane Yelton about traffic when part of I-285 E. is shut down. The Larcoms did make it by an alternate route which they would not recommend to the uninitiated. Mary Louise, Caroline and LaVerne arrived on their own--no problems. There we met three of Alice's "Park Springs" sisters, nice ladies who Alice pals around with. They were kind enough to let us conduct a little business meeting while we all enjoyed the elegant and delicious spread Alice had prepared for us. First up was a report on the GSU Foundation--and our MPE Scholarship. Ilona Prisacaru Is our recipient for the year--she was the recipient last year, as well but she graduated in December. Now she is doing graduate work. The award was $1040.00, With the economy down, it will be a while before we realize our dream of a $1200.00 annual award. Ilona lives in Auburn, GA.
There has been a re-structuring of finances at Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children (our philanthropy). They needed to expand their operation so they could accommodate the increase in the number of clients they serve. They now have additional corporate sponsors and have added a once a year fundraiser designed to attract large donors who purchase "tables" for an evening of food and entertainment.
We talked it over and decided that our alum group will continue with our personal donations at Christmas Time in memory of Anna Chambers. Anne had brought pictures remaining from the picture pages of the newsletter along with other pictures. Alums selected the ones they wanted.
OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON--will be at the home of Jane Yelton who has selected Saturday, December 10 as the date for this special gathering. A prize will go to the alum who can recall the number of years that Jane has hosted. (You have to be present to win!) There will be additional information posted later-this is a "Save the Date" notice. Best wishes to all our sister, Near and Far.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Updates from Anne

No seven "girls" were ever happier to see each other, share news and bridge these past several years. We missed you at Seasons 52, but if you responded to the invite, you were not left out, your info was encapsulated in a typed sheet for attendees to take with them--and, will be a part of the blog. Kathy White had been waiting for an opportunity to be in the Atlanta area where she could get together with friends and "sisters" she knew when she and Skip made their home in Marietta. Chip's need to be here to conduct a class became her long-awaited opportunity. But we think we will see her more often now that she is going to be a GRANDMOTHER! Son Nathan and wife who live in Athens are expecting a baby in November. This gave us an opportunity to present Kathy with a book about being a grandmother.
A bit of news about each one--Kathy and Chip continue their peripatetic life-style based on seasonal changes--colder months in Ft. Myers Beach, FL and warmer months in a community near Roanoke, VA. They keep busy in both locations--in the latter, they care for rescue dogs that are being trained for adoption.
Susan and David Bennett divide time between their place in the mountains and their abode in Decatur. Their two grandsons keep them busy. As soon as the housing market comes back, they plan to sell their place and get started on remodeling her parents' home, also in Decatur and move into a refurbished family home.
Vail Hanna has closed her counseling practice and just sees a few long-time patients. She still has some of her animal friends but concentrates on training dogs. Vail has several family members to get together with so she keeps busy. It had been a long time since we had seen Vail but she still looks the same. Don't know how she stays so youthful looking! It was a real reunion for Jane Yelton and Kathy--they were across the street neighbors before the Whites moved away. Jane will be a grandmother again in August. For now, she is mothering four little swans who stay mostly on the lake with their real mama.
Barbara Payne shared stories about a recent trip she and husband Richard took to Italy. That brought all of us into the conversation because we all seem to have Italy stories--a favorite place to travel. Bebe Burnett who manages our blog stays in front of her computer a lot where she also runs a business. She is looking for prospects to rent her mom, Anna Chambers' home. Anne Larcom was listening, mostly and munching on a delicious salad. It was all so pleasant, we stayed and talked until mid-afternoon! Jane Yelton has something in the works for our next gathering but needs to work out details. You will be hearing more...

All of these members joined in sending good wishes and wanted to be remembered to everyone attending the luncheon:

Alice Young-As you know, Alice is a survivor - she has survived breast cancer, an automobile wreck that almost took her life, balance problems-now uses a walker when needed...had less than successful cataract surgery and does not drive anymore (son Daryl got her mercedes). She stays busy at Park Springs where she has organized a chapter of Senior University, a book club for low-vision people, and another, regular book club. Also, a Great Ideas Club, where she supplies the speaker. On Wednesdays, she and her friend, Rodney, go to Senior U. (held, I think, at Mercer). That is why she could not be here today.

Caroline Wilson-Since her retirement, she has made many trips, some out to Colorado, where daughter, Elizabeth, lives, to help with Elizabeth's surgeries and with her Grandson's diagnosis and treatment for cancer and now leukemia. She got the dates confused, thinking the luncheon was to be on Tuesday, the 5th, then bought her airline ticket for Wed. the 6th. The grandson's chemo left him with leukemia. The doctors concluded that they had done what they could for him. That's when Elizabeth decided to take him to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. That's where Caroline is going; to help out where she can. Should doctors decide on bone marrow transplant, his sister is a perfect match. Caroline continues remarkable strong and healthy--we rejoice in that.

Kathleen Carey-Sent an email right away saying that she still works and that Wednesdays are particularly busy. She still works for the State of Ga--she is Director of Human Resources, Georgia Merit System. (I think she keeps having to absorb additional responsibility.) She is married now--to her long-time friend whose name is not rolling off my tongue---or my finger tips. And they are happy.

Mary Louise Hudgins-she continues to be husband Elgie's care-giver. He is cancer-free, (lower lobe of one lung was removed) but has suffered two strokes in the pst few months. There is no paralysis, just a weakness on left side and a problem with balance and with speech. He continues to receive therapy at home for these conditions and Wednesday is the day for therapy so she needed to be at home. Mary Louise continues in fairly good health, though she does have health issues like some of the rest of us.

Pat Robertson-Pat really wanted to attend, but it depended on being able to meet up with Caroline for the rest of the journey, so, since Caroline could not be here, Pat was not able to join us either. She is not comfortable driving in unknown territory. Pat's long-time friend, Jim, was diagnosed some months back with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and has tolerated his chemo treatments very well.

LaVerne Miller-devotes a lot of summer weeks to family reunions and that is where she is this week. Actually, she and Jane Yelton are in a tight race to see how many they can plan in a given year! LaVerne is very family-oriented and willing to take the lead in planning reunions and gatherings, almost always with a theme. The theme for this one is FLAGS.. maybe she will have pictures to show us later. Her family is blessed that her Mother is still living. Quite an incentive for getting together.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Update from Anne

This is to let you know that Kathy White will be in the Perimeter Mall area of Atlanta the week of July 4th. Husband Skip is working here that week so Kathy is eager to see some of her former chapter members. We have decided on Wednesday, July 6th for our gathering. We will meet at Seasons 52, a restaurant just inside the north parking lot of Perimeter Mall. (Dillard's Side of the Mall) The street address for Seasons 52 is 90 Perimeter Ctr. W. Tel. is 770.671.0052. (FY!, there are two restaurants together there, the other one is Wildfire.) Parking is available. There is a lot on east side of Seasons 52, as well as Mall parking across the street--(Dillards won't mind.)
The restaurant comes highly recommended by the Larcoms who have dined there a number of times. The Restaurant takes reservations, so you will need to let us know to expect you. We want to have enough members so that we can request a table in the quiet section of the restaurant! We do hope that you can be there. Please let Anne know--tel. 770.642.2239; or OR, Jane Yelton at 770.427.0533;
Looking forward to seeing you. We wish everyone a happy summer, good health and happiness on this, our Summer Solstice. Anne
PS--there is a nice little map available on Map Quest. Just put in name of restaurant and street address.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Update from Deirdre

Deirdre Russell; Financial Aid Assistant; Emory University Office of Financial Aid; (404)727-6039 (404)727-6709 (Fax)

What are you doing on Easter Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 6:00 ?

Hunting for Easter Eggs of course!


At Deirdre Russell’s house (RSVP to for the street address)


…um because we think hunting eggs is fun and we want to share the joy

What to bring?

Yourself, Your Family and your Easter Basket(s). Yes, even the grownups get to hunt eggs.


Sunday, April 24th from 3 – 6

There will be light refreshments and beverages available. The Egg Hunt is first, food comes later, so don’t be late or you might miss all the fun!

Looking forward to seeing you there,


p.s. we have two dogs, so anyone with allergies just keep that in mind.

Sunday, April 24 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm


Brackenwood House

More Info

Calling all toddlers, kids (and grown ups who like to hunt eggs)
Bring your basket and bring your thinking caps (Martin knows how to hide eggs REALLY well) and come to our house ready to search and search and search.
okay, and eat, drink and be merry as well
RSVP for directions

see you there,
Deirdre, Martin & Ginny Russell

Deirdre Russell

"Time. I've got 24 hours in a day just the same as everyone else. How well will I use it?"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Update from Kathy

I'm thrilled to report that Skip and I are going
to be first time grandparents--our son Brandon
and his wife Ellen, who live in Athens, are expecting
a bundle of joy around Thanksgiving. Needless to say,
we are reacquainting ourselves with all the baby and
toy stores! I was planning a trip back to Atlanta this
summer to catch up with many folks and now I have even
more reason to do so. I'll keep in touch and, hopefully,
many of us can get together and "do lunch"! It's so
much more fun catching up in person.

Update from Darlene McCarter Whitetree

BeBe thank you so much for the work you do on our MRS site. I keep meaning to go to some of the activities. It would be great to see some of the ladies I went to school with. Each time I think I am going to be able to join you, something happens. I fell on ice and broke my back in two places January 2010 then when I was feeling better after surgery, in December, my husband Bob was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. In the meantime I am enjoying reading about everyone with BEBEs help. I am still working and live in Cherokee, NC. If anyone comes up this way, come see me. 88-226-7325.
Darlene McCarter Whitetree

Update from Judy Baer

My husband and I have been traveling, again. We were in Beijing when the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan. We were supposed to go to Hiroshima, Kobe, and Kyoto, Japan, but our cruise line added some days in other places and a new port in Taiwan to compensate. It was wonderful. I have learned to admire the Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese people and their accomplishments.
Hope you and your loved ones are well and hppy.
Judy Baer

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tellus Science Museum MRS Event in Cartersville

Please join us for our MRS outing.
DATE OF OUR VISIT--APRIL 16, 2011; Meet at 10:30 AM; Tellus Museum is located in Cartersville, GA. exit 293 off I-75N; OR US HWY 41. Here, at this world-class museum we can explore the earth and search the stars--yes, in addition to four galleries, they have a planetarium. Cost for seniors--$8.00--(regular admission--$10). The planetarium has a guide, of course and the galleries are self explanatory.
Important to wear comfortable shoes--it is a big place! PLEASE LET JANE YELTON KNOW THAT YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. CALL HER AT 770.427.0533. TRY TO CAR POOL. Spouses are invited as well as friends. Keep in mind that the trips we make are places which YOU have indicated that you want to see. And, just so you know--the name TELLUS is appropriate. She was an ancient Roman Goddess of the earth, marriage and fertility; also identified with the Greek Goddess Gaea. It was her duty to take care of the earth. (She would have been a good member of Mu Rho Sigma, don't you think?)
ABOUT LUNCH. There is a restaurant there in the museum but Jane thinks we should go back to the place in Cartersville where we ate, following our visit to the Booth Museum of Western Art. Neither Jane nor Anne could think of the name; the place was funky but nice and good food! (Jane will look it up.)
WITH OUR MEMBERS--Jane Yelton continues to have problems with her blood pressure. Now, instead of being too high, the present medication causes it to be too low. She is being carefully monitored by her health care professional. Being too low it zaps her energy, of course, but like the rest of us, she has to keep going! In her case, this is a genetically inherited disease.
Be sure to check out the information that Nola Humphries listed in the blog about a musical performance which will be taking place at Kennesaw State University on the afternoon following our visit to Tellus Museum.
No update yet, but Pat Robertson's significant other was facing a cancer diagnosis--never welcome news. If Anne had time to call or email every member, she would have more news to share but it would super nice if we stayed in touch instead of letting ourselves become strangers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Note from Nela Humphries
Hopefully I can attend as I've been wanting to go there...just haven't had time.
btw... If anyone is intersted, the KSU Choral community will be performing a concert in the Bailey Performance Hall at Apr. 16 8:00 pm.:

Not sure how late everyone is staying at the museum, but the concert might be a good closing for the day.

I've recently 'retired' so feel free to pass that on to our sisters if you want to.

Here's more information on the concert:

Date: Saturday, April 16, 2011
Start Time: 8:00 pm
(Time Zone: US/Eastern)

Location: Performance Hall, Bailey Performance Center -
Category: Music


$10/$5 students.


More Info:

Location Details

Performance Hall, Bailey Performance Center
1000 Chastain Road, Bldg. 30
Kennesaw Georgia 30144 USA

Location Contact: Box Office
Location Phone: 770-423-6650

Have a nice day!


Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's wondrous what a hug can do.
A hug can cheer you when you're blue.
A hug can say, "I love you so"
Or, “I hate to see you go.”
A hug is "Welcome back again,"
"Great to see you; where've you been?"
So here's a hug from me to you.
To make you smile the whole day through.