Friday, April 8, 2011

Tellus Science Museum MRS Event in Cartersville

Please join us for our MRS outing.
DATE OF OUR VISIT--APRIL 16, 2011; Meet at 10:30 AM; Tellus Museum is located in Cartersville, GA. exit 293 off I-75N; OR US HWY 41. Here, at this world-class museum we can explore the earth and search the stars--yes, in addition to four galleries, they have a planetarium. Cost for seniors--$8.00--(regular admission--$10). The planetarium has a guide, of course and the galleries are self explanatory.
Important to wear comfortable shoes--it is a big place! PLEASE LET JANE YELTON KNOW THAT YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. CALL HER AT 770.427.0533. TRY TO CAR POOL. Spouses are invited as well as friends. Keep in mind that the trips we make are places which YOU have indicated that you want to see. And, just so you know--the name TELLUS is appropriate. She was an ancient Roman Goddess of the earth, marriage and fertility; also identified with the Greek Goddess Gaea. It was her duty to take care of the earth. (She would have been a good member of Mu Rho Sigma, don't you think?)
ABOUT LUNCH. There is a restaurant there in the museum but Jane thinks we should go back to the place in Cartersville where we ate, following our visit to the Booth Museum of Western Art. Neither Jane nor Anne could think of the name; the place was funky but nice and good food! (Jane will look it up.)
WITH OUR MEMBERS--Jane Yelton continues to have problems with her blood pressure. Now, instead of being too high, the present medication causes it to be too low. She is being carefully monitored by her health care professional. Being too low it zaps her energy, of course, but like the rest of us, she has to keep going! In her case, this is a genetically inherited disease.
Be sure to check out the information that Nola Humphries listed in the blog about a musical performance which will be taking place at Kennesaw State University on the afternoon following our visit to Tellus Museum.
No update yet, but Pat Robertson's significant other was facing a cancer diagnosis--never welcome news. If Anne had time to call or email every member, she would have more news to share but it would super nice if we stayed in touch instead of letting ourselves become strangers.

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