Friday, October 7, 2011

Update from Deirdre

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Richard. He is in Stage 4 of Prostate Cancer.

We have just come from his doctor today where he received the first of his injection treatments. He will receive Trelstar every three months and will continue the bicalutamide which he started two weeks ago. These are both hormonal treatments which are supposed to arrest the cancer that predominates the prostate and has spread into his lower spine and lungs. In 90% of the cases where this treatment is used, it is effective.

He will have a PSA test on December 20th, which should answer a lot of questions for us. This test will show if the PSA has decreased as a result of the hormonal treatments or not. If it has, that will be absolutely great. This is the result we are looking for. If it has not, it could indicate more spreading of the cancer. In no case is surgery indicated and chemo and radiation are NOT anticipated.

His life is continuing totally normally. Hasn't lost a beat in his activities. He is convinced, as am I, that God holds the reins to his life. His constitution is strong and his belief in God stronger!

So we continue the waiting game! So very much appreciate your continued prayers.

Ann Welton

Deirdre Russell

Financial Aid Assistant

Emory University

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  1. for any who are wondering - Richard Welton is Deirdre's father.

    Deirdre was in Alpha chapter during its last few active years.