Saturday, July 16, 2011

Updates from Anne

No seven "girls" were ever happier to see each other, share news and bridge these past several years. We missed you at Seasons 52, but if you responded to the invite, you were not left out, your info was encapsulated in a typed sheet for attendees to take with them--and, will be a part of the blog. Kathy White had been waiting for an opportunity to be in the Atlanta area where she could get together with friends and "sisters" she knew when she and Skip made their home in Marietta. Chip's need to be here to conduct a class became her long-awaited opportunity. But we think we will see her more often now that she is going to be a GRANDMOTHER! Son Nathan and wife who live in Athens are expecting a baby in November. This gave us an opportunity to present Kathy with a book about being a grandmother.
A bit of news about each one--Kathy and Chip continue their peripatetic life-style based on seasonal changes--colder months in Ft. Myers Beach, FL and warmer months in a community near Roanoke, VA. They keep busy in both locations--in the latter, they care for rescue dogs that are being trained for adoption.
Susan and David Bennett divide time between their place in the mountains and their abode in Decatur. Their two grandsons keep them busy. As soon as the housing market comes back, they plan to sell their place and get started on remodeling her parents' home, also in Decatur and move into a refurbished family home.
Vail Hanna has closed her counseling practice and just sees a few long-time patients. She still has some of her animal friends but concentrates on training dogs. Vail has several family members to get together with so she keeps busy. It had been a long time since we had seen Vail but she still looks the same. Don't know how she stays so youthful looking! It was a real reunion for Jane Yelton and Kathy--they were across the street neighbors before the Whites moved away. Jane will be a grandmother again in August. For now, she is mothering four little swans who stay mostly on the lake with their real mama.
Barbara Payne shared stories about a recent trip she and husband Richard took to Italy. That brought all of us into the conversation because we all seem to have Italy stories--a favorite place to travel. Bebe Burnett who manages our blog stays in front of her computer a lot where she also runs a business. She is looking for prospects to rent her mom, Anna Chambers' home. Anne Larcom was listening, mostly and munching on a delicious salad. It was all so pleasant, we stayed and talked until mid-afternoon! Jane Yelton has something in the works for our next gathering but needs to work out details. You will be hearing more...

All of these members joined in sending good wishes and wanted to be remembered to everyone attending the luncheon:

Alice Young-As you know, Alice is a survivor - she has survived breast cancer, an automobile wreck that almost took her life, balance problems-now uses a walker when needed...had less than successful cataract surgery and does not drive anymore (son Daryl got her mercedes). She stays busy at Park Springs where she has organized a chapter of Senior University, a book club for low-vision people, and another, regular book club. Also, a Great Ideas Club, where she supplies the speaker. On Wednesdays, she and her friend, Rodney, go to Senior U. (held, I think, at Mercer). That is why she could not be here today.

Caroline Wilson-Since her retirement, she has made many trips, some out to Colorado, where daughter, Elizabeth, lives, to help with Elizabeth's surgeries and with her Grandson's diagnosis and treatment for cancer and now leukemia. She got the dates confused, thinking the luncheon was to be on Tuesday, the 5th, then bought her airline ticket for Wed. the 6th. The grandson's chemo left him with leukemia. The doctors concluded that they had done what they could for him. That's when Elizabeth decided to take him to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. That's where Caroline is going; to help out where she can. Should doctors decide on bone marrow transplant, his sister is a perfect match. Caroline continues remarkable strong and healthy--we rejoice in that.

Kathleen Carey-Sent an email right away saying that she still works and that Wednesdays are particularly busy. She still works for the State of Ga--she is Director of Human Resources, Georgia Merit System. (I think she keeps having to absorb additional responsibility.) She is married now--to her long-time friend whose name is not rolling off my tongue---or my finger tips. And they are happy.

Mary Louise Hudgins-she continues to be husband Elgie's care-giver. He is cancer-free, (lower lobe of one lung was removed) but has suffered two strokes in the pst few months. There is no paralysis, just a weakness on left side and a problem with balance and with speech. He continues to receive therapy at home for these conditions and Wednesday is the day for therapy so she needed to be at home. Mary Louise continues in fairly good health, though she does have health issues like some of the rest of us.

Pat Robertson-Pat really wanted to attend, but it depended on being able to meet up with Caroline for the rest of the journey, so, since Caroline could not be here, Pat was not able to join us either. She is not comfortable driving in unknown territory. Pat's long-time friend, Jim, was diagnosed some months back with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and has tolerated his chemo treatments very well.

LaVerne Miller-devotes a lot of summer weeks to family reunions and that is where she is this week. Actually, she and Jane Yelton are in a tight race to see how many they can plan in a given year! LaVerne is very family-oriented and willing to take the lead in planning reunions and gatherings, almost always with a theme. The theme for this one is FLAGS.. maybe she will have pictures to show us later. Her family is blessed that her Mother is still living. Quite an incentive for getting together.

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