Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First MPE Scholarship Recipient

Remember Sherry Shipskie, our first MPE Scholarship recipient? Actually, she was our first and second recipient--well, there have been some changes in her life which Anne wants to share with the blog--She and her husband were divorced a couple of years ago, as she said, "after 10 hard years together." She moved to Marietta, joined a church and began attending their Divorce Recovery Program, where, as she said, "I found amazing healing." Later she joined their singles ministry and somewhere along the way met a wonderful man named Chad. They dated for almost a year, then last July they were married. Now she is Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RD, LD, Sherry continues to work as a dietitian for the Cobb County School District.
Prior to the marriage, Sherry had gone on a mission trip to Karima in Kenya--a life-changing experience. She wrote an article about the journey which she titled, "Finding Abundance in Africa," and forwarded a copy along with her email. Sherry's new email address,, will be added to Atlanta Alums so we can stay in touch. Anne invited her to our Holiday gathering. If she can make it, it will be quite a reunion. Also, she writes a blog-- Anne gave her our blog address.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Update from Kathy White

It's nice to read about everyone along with sorority news--thanks to Anne and BeBe! I talked with Jane yesterday and have considered flying up for the Christmas party but I guess that I'm getting too old and cranky to deal with the ever-changing security rules and regs. Would anyone be interested in a lunch get-together sometime next summer? That way I can drive from Va. to Atlanta. Kathy White

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update from Anne


Caroline Wilson
has had a busy fall--went to CO to help when daughter Elizabeth had hip replacement surgery...then returned home to go on a tour of China. She will leave soon, going back to CO where Elizabeth will have replacement surgery done on BOTH KNEES at the same time! Surgeon says she is a good candidate. It should help having mama as a care-giver.
Jane Yelton has had a busy time recently but her tour was of the hospital! Seems that Jane inherited high blood pressure; when it spiked, it was off to the hospital for a week so it could be stabilized and brought under control. When she returned home, she was taking B/P meds 4 times a day which resulted in B/P being too low! Adjustments have been made and she is doing much better. Jane will, again, host our Holiday gathering on December 11th. Soon you will get an e-newsletter with details, but it is not too soon to locate and air out your Christmas sweater!
Susan Bennett has made a good recovery from rotator cuff (shoulder) surgery. However, she found that she did not get as much reading as she had planned--she couldn't get comfortable...bummer.
Our MPE Scholarship recipient is Ilona Prisacaru, a senior nursing student, who will graduate Dec. 15th. We have not been successful in arranging a date for getting together so that some of us could meet her, but it was her busy schedule and not for lack of trying that kept us apart. She will not be able to attend our Holiday luncheon but we hope that the "girls in the office" Christy Eckoff and Molly Shepherd will be available because we are looking forward to meeting Molly (who tried diligently to arrange a time for a get-to-gather) and to seeing Christy again.