Thursday, November 3, 2011


Some details about the death of Caroline Wilson's grandson, Hollis (did not think to get the family name, but parents are Elizabeth and John.) Hollis died peacefully on the morning of October 24, 2011, at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX, where he had been in treatment for several weeks. MPE alums were especially saddened because we thought that he had experienced a miraculous healing and, indeed, it appeared that way for a brief period of time. But that healing was for the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma--and they still had to treat the secondary cancer, leukemia. This treatment was very difficult--triple chemo, five days, 3 on and 2 off. Then they performed a double stem cell transplant (his sister Aria was a perfect match). This left his immune system very low and he developed a strain of pneumonia, which the doctors could not identify or successfully treat. His kidneys began to fail; dialysis was begun but by then his whole system was slowing down and Hollis died.
October was Hollis' favorite month (according to his grandmother); and on October 3rd, Hollis celebrated his 31st birthday. Almost two years had passed since he was first diagnosed with N-H lymphoma, January, 2010. Hollis' remains were returned to the family home in Ft. Collins, CO., where a series of life-celebrations and visitations began. Halloween was his favorite holiday so the family thought it fitting to suggest that friends and relatives be encouraged to wear costumes relating to Halloween for visitations. The service, with full military honors (he had spent seven years in the US Marine Corps) was held on Nov.1; with burial in a cemetery in Ft. Collins, near where he had grown up. Hollis was a highly intelligent young man of many gifts--he played piano, composed music, was a singer and a recording artist. He will be missed because of his friendly and compassionate ways as well as a fantastic sense of humor. According to his grandmother, "He had lived life to the fullest." There will be one more visitation on November 11 when family and friends gather in Sylvania, GA to give thanks and to remember a remarkable young man. Our hearts go out to this grieving family. We have all heard and maybe spoken the axiom, 'offspring are not supposed to die before their parents (die)' and that includes grandparents as well. We send love and a reminder of deep friendship to our sister, Caroline.

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