Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mary Childs Update

Pat Robertson has called to let our members know that one of our own, Mary Childs is seriously ill. She has been in ICU at St. Joseph Hospital for several days. Her heart condition worsened but Mary is not a candidate for heart surgery, so, other treatment had to be devised. Also, she was not eating; it was the family's decision to have a feeding tube inserted. For those who may not remember Mary, she was among the very active members in the mid-1960's, a time of change and growth for Mu Rho Sigma Sorority. They moved to a new chapter room across Courtland St. in the (then) new student center. Also, the sorority was incorporated, making it possible for them to form chapters in other colleges. With incorporation, the group at GSU became Alpha Chapter. Mary was active right away in the formation of Beta Chapter at UGA. She served as president of Alpha Chapter, and, later when Atlanta Alumnae Chapter formed, she served a term as president of the alumnae group, and also as convention planner. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family members. An update will be posted soon.
ALSO, this from Alice Young--she had a fall recently--she was standing too close to an automatic door at Park Springs and lost her balance when someone came charging through. She sustained a head injury and spent a night in Emory U. Hospital. They patched her up again and sent her home with instructions to use her walker (rolater). This coincided with her eye doctor appointment so it has been rescheduled for July--a long time to wait to find out why the Botox applied to the eyelid isn't working very well yet, making it difficult for her to see as well as she needs to. One good thing happened--daughter Cheri came from CA and spent four days with her mom.

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