Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From Anne

Thanks, Susan for filling us in on your family vacation at Saint Simons Island. You made it sound so appealing that we were ready to take off and join you but that would go beyond family. So, treasure these times together. The Larcoms certainly do--on Saturday we will travel to Tampa to attend our granddaughter's H/S graduation events. Susan, we do appreciate that you stay in touch even when traveling. Keep updating us on your happenings.
Best wishes from Anne and the gang.
ABOUT THE TRIP (FINALLY) TO BARNSLEY-- not many of us made the trip, eight altogether including three of the husbands. We enjoyed the day, walking between points of interest in a perfect-weather day. Almost everything seemed to be in bloom and many trees and shrubs had identification markers. We were impressed with the museum, created in parts of the ruins. Almost a century and a half have passed since Barnsley stood in regal splendor, unaware of the fate that awaited it. Still, curators have been able to come up with documents, photographs and pieces of furniture that tell a story of a much earlier time. We were fascinated to learn that when war, disease and other bad happenings took the men away, strong-minded women emerged to carry on, to save what they could, and to feed and care for the children.
Our last stop before departing for Red Top Mountain and the restaurant was the rose arbor where many climbing rose bushes had been trained over an overhead, curving frame work that seemed to go on for ever...the entrance was a good place for picture-making (with Judy Baer's I-phone and Caroline's disposable camera) as had been the fountain in front of the ruins, rising out of the parterre garden with boxwoods which had been planted in the 1840's when the mansion was young. Barnsley remains a place of history, intrigue and romance as was evident in preparations for a late afternoon garden wedding the day of our visit.
And, to Nola, if you had made it to Barnsley as you had planned, you would have been given a long, lost sister's welcome! We don't give up on our members, we are always waiting to welcome them. Bye for now.

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