Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update from Anne

I had promised to provide an address for those members who remembered Mary and wanted to send a note of sympathy to the family. This is the address:

David and Sherry Childs, 520 Woodland Lane; Lawrenceville, GA 30043. David is the youngest of three sons and the one who came to help his mother with her TO--DO list every second Saturday. They must have had a very loving, meaningful relationship and I thought he should be commended for that. It is beautiful to contemplate the peace of mind that he brought to her. Mary continued to live in her home in Morrow, but whenever she had to be in the hospital for treatment, it was to David and Sherry's home that she would go to recuperate until close to the end when she went to a personal care home for therapy. Mary's leadership skills were very helpful during the mid-1960s when the sorority was being chartered, began having annual conventions, moved to a new chapter room and started to expand by forming other chapters. She dropped out for a while but came back as a member of Atlanta Alums. At the service celebrating Mary's life achievements, the sorority was represented by Pat Robertson, Caroline Wilson, Faye Hall and Gerrelldine Addy, with her new husband! Anne has sent a message of sympathy to Mary's family on behalf of Atlanta Alums, but the family would be pleased to hear from others, as well.

Have not been in touch yet with Deirdre Russell who emailed to say that she was having to undergo a hysterectomy about a week ago at what seemed to her, at least, a young age. We send Get Well greetings to her with caution about picking up their adorable little girl until she has fully healed. It was probably robotic surgery or laproscopic and maybe she didn't have many stitches.

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