Friday, June 7, 2013

Note from Anne

Thank you, Judy for your message of remembrance for Faye Hall.  It was not my privilege to know her very well, but I did know about the bridge lessons.  And, yes, it was in the paper, the AJC and was in one of the scrapbooks that I inherited when I began research for "A History of Mu Rho Sigma."  Those scrapbooks and all memorabilia, anything having to do with Mu Rho Sigma Sorority is on file in the Woman's Division within the Georgia State University Library.  We were pleased when they wanted ALL of our records because we were unique among sororities and probably unique in having a sister who was a champion bridge player!  Also, it is significant that from those lessons, a long time partnership grew between Faye and Mary Childs, also deceased.  Again, thanks, Anne Larcom    

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