Friday, May 10, 2013

News from Deirdre

If you are wondering why a sister who loves MPE as much as I do never seems to make it to any of our events, well, it's because almost every single one seems to be scheduled against one of my ice skating competitions.

I used to skate when I was a kid, but I never placed above 3rd in any competition.  Many of you know that due to multiple knee surgeries, I thought I would never skate again.  Well, I returned to skating when my then 2 year old wanted to skate and it felt so good and right to be back out there that I've hardly stopped skating since.

Now I've been back on the ice for almost 2 years.  Since returning to the ice as an adult, I've been in 17 competition events.  I've placed in the top 6 or better in all of them.  

1 sixth place
1 fifth place
1 fourth place
2 third place (Bronze)
3 second place (Silver)
9 first place (Gold)

I have a wonderful coach (who teaches communications at Georgia State University, by the way) and a very supportive family.  There are three more big competitions coming up this season, one of which is the Showcase (Theatre on Ice) National Event in Massachuettes in August and should be loads of fun.  

Anyway, just wanted to catch up and let ya'll know what's been going on in my life.  It is so important to find something that makes you light up and keep doing it.  No matter what.  Keep at it.  I'm not the best adult skater out there, but skating makes me happy and is keeping me fit and healthy, and that's important.

Love you ladies!

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