Monday, October 31, 2011

Caroline Wilson

Sadly, I report that Caroline Wilson's Grandson passed away. Details at a later date. Caroline, we love you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Update from Deirdre

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Richard. He is in Stage 4 of Prostate Cancer.

We have just come from his doctor today where he received the first of his injection treatments. He will receive Trelstar every three months and will continue the bicalutamide which he started two weeks ago. These are both hormonal treatments which are supposed to arrest the cancer that predominates the prostate and has spread into his lower spine and lungs. In 90% of the cases where this treatment is used, it is effective.

He will have a PSA test on December 20th, which should answer a lot of questions for us. This test will show if the PSA has decreased as a result of the hormonal treatments or not. If it has, that will be absolutely great. This is the result we are looking for. If it has not, it could indicate more spreading of the cancer. In no case is surgery indicated and chemo and radiation are NOT anticipated.

His life is continuing totally normally. Hasn't lost a beat in his activities. He is convinced, as am I, that God holds the reins to his life. His constitution is strong and his belief in God stronger!

So we continue the waiting game! So very much appreciate your continued prayers.

Ann Welton

Deirdre Russell

Financial Aid Assistant

Emory University

Update from Susan

Susan and David Bennett just returned from a three-week road trip in France. We started our adventure with another couple of good friends in Barcelona. We really enjoyed seeing the Gaudi Cathedral, Sacra Familia, and marvelling at its many different facets. On the nativity side it looks like a giant sand castle, and on the passion side it is sharply carved into strong angles. And it won't be finished within the next 100 years. From there we rode the overnight train to Paris. Those are some small bunks! but the formal dining car was wonderful. We did all the traditional things in Parit - Musee D'Orsay, Rodin Sculpture Garden, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and some non-traditional things. Our hotel on the Left Bank was a dream. Then we picked up our rental car and headed south. We explored the entire Mediterranean coast of France, from Monte Carlo to Perpignan before boarding a train back to Barcelona. Our flight was cancelled, so we enjoyed an extra day in Barcelona at the expense of Delta. A great way to just relax by the pool and rest before the flight home the next day. I think we'll stay home for a while now. Although it was the perfect trip, at our own pace and seeing exactly what we wanted to see, I think we won't go back until our French is a little better. For now, it's just the slow pace of Decatur with the occasional week in the mountains,
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas luncheon at Jane's.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Update from Anne

Anne Says, To update the BLOG, we'll start with happy news--the Yeltons, Jane and Don have a new granddaughter, Royce Elaine, born 9/8 (on Jane's birthday)! Everyone is doing fine including the grandparents. But proudest of all may be big sister Rachel who is three years old and loves chatting about being the big sister.
When we have an update on Caroline's grandson who was at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Huston, we will post that. He had begun a miraculous recovery from the secondary cancer--leukemia.
Some of us did find our way to Park Springs for Alice Young's party back in August--just don't ask Jane Yelton about traffic when part of I-285 E. is shut down. The Larcoms did make it by an alternate route which they would not recommend to the uninitiated. Mary Louise, Caroline and LaVerne arrived on their own--no problems. There we met three of Alice's "Park Springs" sisters, nice ladies who Alice pals around with. They were kind enough to let us conduct a little business meeting while we all enjoyed the elegant and delicious spread Alice had prepared for us. First up was a report on the GSU Foundation--and our MPE Scholarship. Ilona Prisacaru Is our recipient for the year--she was the recipient last year, as well but she graduated in December. Now she is doing graduate work. The award was $1040.00, With the economy down, it will be a while before we realize our dream of a $1200.00 annual award. Ilona lives in Auburn, GA.
There has been a re-structuring of finances at Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children (our philanthropy). They needed to expand their operation so they could accommodate the increase in the number of clients they serve. They now have additional corporate sponsors and have added a once a year fundraiser designed to attract large donors who purchase "tables" for an evening of food and entertainment.
We talked it over and decided that our alum group will continue with our personal donations at Christmas Time in memory of Anna Chambers. Anne had brought pictures remaining from the picture pages of the newsletter along with other pictures. Alums selected the ones they wanted.
OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON--will be at the home of Jane Yelton who has selected Saturday, December 10 as the date for this special gathering. A prize will go to the alum who can recall the number of years that Jane has hosted. (You have to be present to win!) There will be additional information posted later-this is a "Save the Date" notice. Best wishes to all our sister, Near and Far.